Simulaids Randy 9000

Simulaids Randy 9000

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The Simulaids 9000 Randy Training Manikin is customized to provide optimal training experience to the students and practitioners. Made from highly durable polyethylene parts (the same material out of which backboards are made), the manikin allows for addition of varying amounts of weights to each of the pieces. To add additional weight, you may add water, sand, or anything that can be easily drained off. Increase the manikin’s weight by an estimated 170 pounds by filling the individual pieces with water or an estimated 250 pounds by filling the pieces with sand or another substance that can be easily emptied from the pieces.

The empty manikin is lightweight and easy to move around. The manikins features custom-molded construction that confirms constant size from one manikin to the next. Designed to work in all types of environment conditions, the unit is assembled with stainless steel hardware. It features lifelike motion of joints, including bending at the waist.

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