MediTac FannyTac First Aid Kit Fanny Waist Pouch

MediTac FannyTac First Aid Kit Fanny Waist Pouch

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  • FULLY STOCKED - Contains all the necessary and important items needed for many trauma injury situations. Included in this kit are assorted trauma dressings and pads, traumatic bleeding control products and assorted bandages all in a durable pouch designed for stability, strength and comfort.
  • DURABLE NYLON POUCH - The first aid fanny hip bag is designed with 3 water-resistant zipper pockets and tear-resistant nylon material. The zippers are designed to make the pouch easy to open and close when you're on the go. Each zipper has an attached rubber pull to make gripping easier and faster. The sturdy, adjustable waist strap ensures a comfortable fit for all sizes.
  • BLEEDING CONTROL – This kit includes items needed to stem heavy blood loss. A tourniquet, Celox granules, and quick clotting gauze.
  • GAUZE DRESSINGS AND PADS – Perfect to care for an injury on any body part, these gauze dressings can be used directly on a wound or as a wrap to hold bandages, injured limbs and splints in place. These versatile gauze rolls are latex-free and suitable for surgery after-care.
  • TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT – A pair of titanium EMT shears, nitrile gloves, CPR face shield, and splinter removers completes the pack to ensure you are ready to react when trauma injuries occur.

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