MediTac On Code Trauma IFAK Kit - Feat. CAT Tourniquet & Chest Seals

MediTac On Code Trauma IFAK Kit - Feat. CAT Tourniquet & Chest Seals

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The MediTac On Code Trauma IFAK Kit efficiently stores and organizes critical life-saving and wound care components and allows the responder to rapidly and reliably address scenarios with the proper products.

  • STOCKED - Contains items needed for many trauma injury situations. Included in this kit are a tourniquet, trauma dressing, traumatic bleeding control products, all in a durable pack designed for stability, strength and comfort.
  • BLEEDING CONTROL – This kit includes items needed to stem heavy blood loss. A CAT Tourniquet, vented chest seals, a trauma bandage and quick clotting gauze.
  • TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT – A pair of EMT shears, a mylar rescue blanket, nitrile gloves and mini-marker completes the pack to ensure you are ready to react when trauma injuries occur.
  • DURABLE MOLLE BAG – This sturdy bag is designed to be a reliable equipment holder for both professionals and civilians alike. Personalize your kit by adding the products that fit your lifestyle.

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