Saljet Single Dose Saline Rinse Vial, 30 mL

Saljet Single Dose Saline Rinse Vial, 30 mL

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Saljet Single Dose Saline Rinse Vials help clean small injuries such as cuts and scrapes to help the healing process. Now with Saljet Rinse, you can have easy to use sterile saline anytime you need to deal with the minor injuries of life, whether at home or on the road. Just twist off the top and squeeze 30ml of sterile saline direct to the area you need to clean. Saljet can also be used to rinse out the eye with a drop-by-drop action delivered with a gentle squeeze of the vial. Saljet Rinse is so easy to use and easy to carry, there's no excuse why you can't be prepared for life's little accidents.

  • Sodium chloride 0.9% irrigation solution
  • Twist off top
  • 30 mL unit doses

Model Number: 13090

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