Large Body Rescue Randy 6'1'', 55 lb.

Large Body Rescue Randy 6'1'', 55 lb.

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The Large Body Rescue Randy, standing at 6'1" and weighing 55 lbs, is a specialized training manikin designed for rescue and emergency response training scenarios. This life-sized manikin represents an adult body with specific dimensions and weight to simulate real-world rescue situations effectively.

Key features of the Large Body Rescue Randy include:

  1. Realistic Size and Weight: The manikin is proportioned to replicate the size and weight of an adult individual, standing at 6'1" (approximately 185 cm) tall and weighing 55 lbs (approximately 25 kg). This realistic sizing allows trainees to practice handling and maneuvering a life-sized adult body during rescue simulations.

  2. Durable Construction: Constructed from durable materials, the manikin is designed to withstand rigorous training activities and repeated use without significant wear or damage. Its robust build ensures longevity and reliability in various training environments.

  3. Anatomical Accuracy: The Large Body Rescue Randy features realistic anatomical landmarks, including facial features, limbs, and joints, to provide a lifelike simulation experience. This anatomical accuracy allows trainees to practice a wide range of rescue techniques, such as airway management, patient assessment, and immobilization.

  4. Articulating Joints: Some models of the Rescue Randy manikin may include articulating joints that mimic human movement, enabling realistic positioning and manipulation during training scenarios. Articulating joints facilitate the simulation of various patient positions and aid in the practice of proper handling techniques.

  5. Versatile Training Capabilities: The Large Body Rescue Randy is versatile and can be used for a range of training scenarios, including water rescue, extrication, and medical emergency response. Its adaptable design accommodates diverse training needs and allows for comprehensive skill development among trainees.

  6. Customizable Features: Certain models of the Large Body Rescue Randy may offer customizable features, such as removable limbs or interchangeable components, to simulate specific injuries or medical conditions. These features enhance the realism of training simulations and support targeted learning objectives.

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