I-O Bone and Blood Capsule - 12 pack

I-O Bone and Blood Capsule - 12 pack

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The I/O Bone and Blood Capsule 12 Pak is a simulation tool commonly used in medical education and training scenarios, particularly for practicing intraosseous (I/O) procedures and demonstrating blood sampling techniques. Here's a detailed description of its features:

  1. Simulation Bone: The pack includes a set of synthetic bones designed to mimic the density and texture of human bone. These bones typically feature anatomically accurate landmarks, such as the cortex and marrow cavity, providing a realistic simulation environment for intraosseous access procedures.

  2. Blood Capsules: Included in the pack are blood capsules or vials containing artificial blood simulants. These capsules mimic the appearance and consistency of real blood, providing a lifelike simulation of blood sampling procedures. They may also be used to simulate bleeding scenarios for training purposes.

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