Ever Ready portaSHARPS Portable Sharps Shuttle

Ever Ready portaSHARPS Portable Sharps Shuttle

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The Ever Ready First Aid sharps container is perfect for used syringes, catheters, lancets as well as test strips and other sharp waste. You can simply use one hand to open and close the lid. When full, the locking mechanism ensures the sharps are safely stored and can later be disposed of without unnecessary injuries and accidents. Perfect for any first aid kit
  • SAFE ONE-HANDED OPERATION - The Ever Ready Porta Sharps Container features a simple, one-handed operation to open and close the disposal opening. Once sharp is contained with a locked lid risk of sharp stick is eliminated. Perfect for used syringes, catheters, as well as used lancets and test strips.
  • LEAK RESISTANT LOCKING CAP - The leak-resistant cap offers a secure closure between uses when properly closed and the new locking lid ensures containment of contents when full. The large disposal opening easily accommodates small syringes and other sharps waste. The heavy weight plastic bottom has been tested and proved puncture resistant 510K Cleared.
  • PORTABLE CONVENIENT SIZE – The 1.25” x 6” size ensures it fits easily into carry bags for EMS, Fire/Rescue and Nursing for containment of used IV catheters and smaller syringes . Keep in backpacks and purses to deposit used glucose / insulin testing supplies while on the go.

A hard plastic container that is used to safely dispose of used sharp medical instruments such as syringes, catheters, lancets, etc.

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