Ever Ready First Aid Lancing Device with 100 30 Gauge Twist Lancets

Ever Ready First Aid Lancing Device with 100 30 Gauge Twist Lancets

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Ever Ready First AidSKU: EVRLDSET30G


  • LANCING DEVICE – Quickly penetrates the skin to draw a less painful blood sample for glucose testing. The needle will immediately retract back inside the lancet mechanism, which prevents accidental sticks. The eject button pushes the lancet out of the device.
  • DEPTH SETTING – Simply twist the top of the device to choose from 10 penetration depth settings. You can customize the setting based on your sensitivity and skin thickness.
  • TWIST LANCETS – Ultra thin and sharp needles help minimize skin discomfort and trauma. The needle is underneath the round cap. To expose the needle, simply twist off the plastic cap.
  • STERILE – The lancets are gamma sterilized for safety and prolonged shelf life. The gamma rays can penetrate through the entire product, deactivating whatever may be preset.
  • COUNT – This order is for one lancing device with 100 pieces of twist lancets.
Model Number: EVRLDSET30G

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