Ever Ready First Aid Disposable Cold Pack with Non-Woven Cover 6 X 9 - 3 Pack

Ever Ready First Aid Disposable Cold Pack with Non-Woven Cover 6 X 9 - 3 Pack

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Ever Ready First AidSKU: 1000086NWC-3PK


  • INSTANT RELIEF: Unlike Other cold packs that require prior freezing and refrigeration, instant cold packs can be activated with a simple squeeze to reduce the temperature of the contents inside the pack to approximately 35°f for 10 to 15 minutes. Instant cold packs are ideal for treating injuries for quick relief and comfort.
  • COVER BAG INCLUDED: No need to use paper towels or a wrap around the cold pack before putting it in contact with the skin. EACH Cold Pack comes with a Non-Woven Cover. The soft, flexible bag is made of durable yet think Nylon and provides extra comfort so the pack does not touch the skin directly.
  • SOOTHES PAIN - Cold therapy is designed to reduce swelling and inflammation, provide pain relief, and speed up recovery. It's great for treating minor aches and Pains like sprains, soreness, insect bites, minor burns, headaches, toothaches, and a wide variety of other minor injuries. Cold therapy is a valuable way to provide increased comfort and relief.
  • EASY ACTIVATION - The cold pack is easy to activate. First shake the contents to make sure the content is evenly distributed inside, then just give the pack a squeeze. After mixing the contents gently, the cold pack is now activated and will begin dropping in temperature. It can then be applied to the injured area.
  • LARGE SIZE - The rectangular shape of the 6" X 9" Cold pack makes it great for both children and adults and can be used on virtually any body part. The large size means it can easily conform around affected areas - Large or small. The pad shape is versatile enough to ensure you'll be able to treat the widest variety of injuries possible.

Model Number: 1000086NWC-3PK

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