Ever Ready First Aid Berman Oral Airway Kit Emergency EMS Oropharangeal Airways 6-Pack Colored OPA in Poly Bag

Ever Ready First Aid Berman Oral Airway Kit Emergency EMS Oropharangeal Airways 6-Pack Colored OPA in Poly Bag

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  • TRUSTED - Disposable, latex free airways provide superior performance.
  • UNOBSTRUCTED PASSAGE - Unique perforated midway openings assure ventilating channel and permit access of a suction catheter, even if airway shifts or is partially occluded.
  • STRENGTH - Reinforced bite block prevents collapse of airway.
  • FLEXIBILITY - Smooth, non-brittle finish permits easy insertion without danger of breaking when distorted.
  • LESS TRAUMA - Greater accessibility of suction catheter permits removal of secretions at a faster rate.

Each kit comes with 6 color coded polypropylene pieces to ensure the proper fit. Includes sizes are 40mm - Infant, 60mm - Small Child, 80mm - Child, 90mm - Medium Adult, 100mm - Large Adult, 110mm - X-Large Adult.

Ever Ready Berman Airways 6 Piece Kit

These oropharyngeal airways are utilized by certified first responders, emergency medical technicians, paramedics and other health professionals when tracheal intubation is either not available, not advisable or the problem is of short term duration.

Oropharyngeal airways are only used on unconscious people, because of the likelihood that the device would stimulate a gag reflex in conscious or semi-conscious persons. The EverOne airways are designed with slotted sides to permit passage of suction catheters without obstructing the air passage. Holes through the center of the curve allow for additional air passage.

This triple function airway serves as a bite block, a tongue depressor to avoid crimping and protects the teeth. It automatically curves to the contour of the pharynx and is disposable for single-patient use. The center passage as well as slotted sides and flat surface provide for patient comfort.

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