Ever Ready First Aid Nasopharyngeal Airway (NPA) with Packet of Lubricant Jelly 3g

Ever Ready First Aid Nasopharyngeal Airway (NPA) with Packet of Lubricant Jelly 3g

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  • TWO IN ONE: This order of an individually packaged nasopharyngeal airway (NPA) and packet of lubricant jelly facilitates easy insertion of NPA into the body. The nasal airway is made of a soft, high quality PVC designed for patient comfort and the lubricant jelly enables the smooth insertion.
  • LATEX FREE: The Latex Free NPA ensures no reaction for patients with latex allergy.
  • VERSATILE: Widely used in EMS, hospitals and doctors' offices during many routine checkups. The Jelly alone can also be used with baby heart/ultrasound monitors, nasogastric tubes, fetal Doppler devices, rectal thermometers, enema nozzles, or for any other rectal or vaginal uses.
  • NONSTAINING: The jelly does not leave stains and while adhering well to human tissue. Once applied, you can easily rinse the jelly off the skin with water, as its 100% water soluble and easy to remove.
  • IMPROVED VICOSITY: Formulated with improved viscosity to spread easily and evenly. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin types, the lubricant jelly does not irritate the skin nor injure rubber or metal instruments.

Model Number: EVRNPA28FR-EVRLJ3G

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