Dixie Ems Sprague-Rappaport Two Tube Type Stethoscope

Dixie Ems Sprague-Rappaport Two Tube Type Stethoscope

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Color: Navy Blue


  • IDEAL FOR DIAGNOSIS - The Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope eliminates the need for different stethoscopes for infants, children, and adults. The solid drum on the chest piece has two interchangeable diaphragms and three open bells for accurate detection of high, mid and low frequency sounds.
  • Double Head: Allows use on patients of all ages and is made for professionals and students. Ear tubes are flexible and adjust for comfort. The solidly constructed chest piece allows for superior contact to provide accurate readings and assessments. With this double head model, the diaphragm is used for high frequencies and the bell is used for low frequencies.
  • Anatomical Design: The earcups are made to match the angle of the ear canal for a superior fit that allows for better performance. The tubes are 22 inches in length and allow you to easily accommodate all patients, from infants to adults.
  • INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: Includes 3 interchangeable bells, 4 replacement earpieces, and replacement small and large diaphragms.
  • COSPLAY & ROLE PLAY: Increase the fun and realism of your cosplay and role play activities by adding this functional stethoscope to your outfit to take real life readings. It is durable and available in various colors to easily match your clothes.

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