Dixie EMS CPR Cardiac Board Plastic Spineboard CPR Aid, 23.75" x 16.25" x 2.75

Dixie EMS CPR Cardiac Board Plastic Spineboard CPR Aid, 23.75" x 16.25" x 2.75

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Dixie EmsSKU: EVR210430


  • CPR TRAINING & ADMINISTRATION – A hard, level surface is required to perform proper CPR chest compressions. When a patient is on a soft or uneven surface such as a bed, couch or soft ground, it is difficult to perform CPR and resuscitate them. This rigid plastic backboard is a vital piece to have on hand in all medical, clinical, home and emergency care settings. They are easy to slide under an immobile or unconscious patient providing the support you need to render life-saving assistance.
  • SIMPLE BUT EFFECTIVE DESIGN – The rigid solid hand grips make handling and using this board easy and fast. Just slip the board under the patient and begin CPR compressions. The slope on the back of the board and the head contour on the front is designed to place and keep the patient’s head and airway in the proper position for CPR administering.
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN – Made of easy-to-clean, hospital grade plastic you can keep this piece of equipment ready and available at all times. It’s sturdy, yet lightweight design makes it possible to carry around or attach to carts or bedsides.

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