Demo Dose® Simulated Medications Set #2

Demo Dose® Simulated Medications Set #2

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The Demo Dose® Simulated Medications Set #2 is an educational tool designed for training healthcare professionals and students in the proper administration and handling of medications. This set includes a variety of simulated medications that mimic real pharmaceutical products, providing a realistic and safe environment for learning. The Demo Dose® products do not contain active pharmaceutical ingredients, ensuring safety during practice sessions.

Key Features and Components:

  1. Variety of Medications: The set includes a range of simulated medications that represent different drug classes, forms, and dosages. This variety helps trainees become familiar with various types of medications they will encounter in real-world scenarios.

  2. Realistic Packaging: Each simulated medication in the set comes in packaging that closely resembles actual pharmaceutical products. This includes labels, barcodes, and packaging styles, enhancing the realism of the training experience.

  3. Safety: Demo Dose® simulated medications contain no active pharmaceutical ingredients, ensuring that training can be conducted safely without the risk of administering real drugs.

  4. Hands-On Practice: The set allows for hands-on practice in medication administration, including dosage calculation, preparation, and delivery. This helps build confidence and competence in handling real medications.

  5. Educational Value: This set is ideal for use in nursing schools, medical training programs, and healthcare simulation labs. It helps learners understand the intricacies of medication administration, including reading labels, understanding dosages, and following safety protocols.

Model Number: PN01236

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