Burnshield Sterile Trauma Blanket 5' X 6' (64" X 71")

Burnshield Sterile Trauma Blanket 5' X 6' (64" X 71")

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A wool blanket soaked in a sterile gel, supplied in a foil pouch. It absorbs and dissipates heat which minimizes burn damage. Provides cooling for pain relief and shock reduction. It is clear and easy to assess the wound. The gel is non-stick and will not adhere to wound. It is a natural anti-bacterial: reduce infection. Non toxic. Non irritant. Safe to use on children.  

5' x 6' Sterile Trauma Blanket Size:

  • 63" x 72" (160 cm x 183 cm) 

Key Ingredients:

  • Melaleuca Alt. (Tea Tree) Oil
  • Water (96%)
  • Gelling Agent
  • 100% Wool

Suitable For:

  • Industry & EMS
  • Military
  • Mining
  • Can be used to: Extinguish flames, entry or exit from fire, as a large dressing.

How to Apply:

  • Open and remove
  • Apply
  • Shield from Flames/ Smother Flames

Model Number: 881010

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