Burnshield Sterile Emergency Burn Dressing 8"x8" (20cm x 20cm)"Cools The Burn"

Burnshield Sterile Emergency Burn Dressing 8"x8" (20cm x 20cm)"Cools The Burn"

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  • Foam based dressing for optimal heat dissipation.
  • Conforms to wound area
  • Fibreless elastic open-cell foam sheeting
  • Wound covering
  • Gel retention

Details: Suitable For Medium sized Burn, Facial Burns, Hands and Feet This New Design allows one to completely stick there hand or feet into the dressing after you tear open!.Absorbs and dissipates heat Non-toxic Reduces pain and secondary contamination Minimizes shock and skin damage Non-irritant BURNSHIELD, when applied to burn wounds-preferably as soon as possible after the burn-has the tremendous ability to absorb and dissipate heat, providing relief, minimizing shock and skin damage, halting the burn process, and physically protects against further contamination.

BURNSHIELD's cooling and soothing effect results from its specially formulated Hydrogel which is non-toxic and non-irritant. The active ingredient is Melaleuca alternifolia. BURNSHIELD facilitates removal of burnt clothing. Easy to apply, non-adhesive and easy to remove without further trauma to the patient, allowing for quick medical diagnosis. Safe for use on children. BURNSHIELD can be used as an emergency care for superficial to full thickness burns. Any burn, whether received from open flames, scalding from hot water, steam, gas, chemicals or electrical appliances can be treated immediately with BURNSHIELD.

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