Beaty CPR Feedback Device V2 Red

Beaty CPR Feedback Device V2 Red

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  • Introducing the V2, a sleeker, lighter iteration equipped with a built-in metronome, revolutionizing CPR intervention:
  • PRECISE METRONOME: The metronome sets the pace at 120 chest compressions per minute, ensuring optimal CPR performance.
  • INTUITIVE USAGE: Simply apply the device and initiate compressions – it's designed for immediate action. Suitable for victims aged 8 years and older.
  • AUDIO GUIDANCE: Receive real-time feedback through audible cues, confirming the accuracy of your compressions. Beaty's continuous operation, powered by a readily replaceable 3V lithium battery, eliminates the need for an On/Off switch, guaranteeing instant readiness.
  • ERGONOMIC COMFORT: Crafted with a contoured silicone pad, Beaty conforms to the palm, offering enhanced grip and comfort during use. The detachable cover, though optional, maintains usability without compromising effectiveness. Its compact, lightweight design allows for effortless storage, even as a convenient keychain attachment.
  • MEDICAL EXPERTISE: Developed by a team of esteemed doctors and medical engineers, Beaty aims to bolster early CPR intervention, enhancing the survival chain.
  • ROBUST AND PORTABLE: Built to withstand rigorous use, Beaty's compact form ensures accessibility at all times, without sacrificing durability. Carry it with confidence wherever you go, assured of its resilience against damage.
  • The V2 Beaty – your reliable companion for effective CPR, engineered for ease, precision, and reliability.

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