Life/form Basic Buddy Plus Manikin Powered by Heartisense

Life/form Basic Buddy Plus Manikin Powered by Heartisense

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The Basic Buddy® Plus Manikin is dramatic, realistic, affordable, and 2019 AHA Compliant. It enables effective and accurate training by using apps and a sensor kit. The student and instructor apps provide real-time feedback and feature adult capabilities, as well as a realistic interface.

The Basic Buddy® Plus manikin is simple to assemble and maintain. It provides an open airway using the head-tilt/chin-lift method with a visible chest rise when ventilated. It also offers an easy-to-simulate obstructed airway.

The xiphoid process provides an anatomical reference point for hand placement and compressions, and the training data is saved digitally on the phone or tablet. Included is a 5-year warranty on the manikin and a 1-year limited warranty on Basic Buddy® Plus add-on hardware kit.

Available in single manikin or the convenient five-pack. Make your quantity selection by using the drop-down window above.

NOTE: Use only AED training devices. When using foam-bodied manikins for AED training, use only pads designed for foam bodies.

*Student and instructor apps run on Apple® iPhone® devices. Apple® iPad® version apps will be available in February 2019. Android™ version apps will be available in the first half of 2019. (iPad®, Android™, and Apple® tablet/phone not included).

Each Manikin Includes:
  • Manikin with head
  • Adult foam compression block (for use with manikin only)
  • 10 lung/mouth protection bags
  • Lung insertion tool (one tool in the 5-pack)
  • CPR add-on kit student* and instructor* apps
  • Add-on kit

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