Life/form® Wound - Dihiscence ST2

Life/form® Wound - Dihiscence ST2

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The Life/form® Wound - Dehiscence ST2 is a specialized medical training model designed to simulate a dehisced wound, which occurs when a surgical incision reopens either partially or completely. This training tool is an essential part of medical education, allowing healthcare professionals and students to practice the assessment and management of wound dehiscence in a realistic, controlled environment.

Key Features and Components:

  1. Realistic Wound Simulation: The Life/form® Wound - Dehiscence ST2 accurately replicates the appearance and characteristics of a dehisced surgical wound. This includes detailed skin texture, wound edges, and underlying tissue structures, providing a lifelike experience for trainees.

  2. Anatomical Accuracy: The model is anatomically precise, representing the layers of skin, subcutaneous tissue, and other relevant anatomical features affected by wound dehiscence.

  3. High-Quality Materials: Made from durable, flexible materials, the wound model mimics the feel and elasticity of human skin. These materials are designed to withstand repeated use and handling during training sessions.

  4. Interactive Training: The wound model can be used to practice various medical procedures related to wound dehiscence, including cleaning, dressing, suturing, and applying wound closure techniques. This hands-on approach enhances the learner’s practical skills and confidence.

  5. Educational Value: The Life/form® Wound - Dehiscence ST2 is ideal for use in medical training programs, simulation labs, and emergency response training. It helps trainees understand the complexities of wound care, recognize signs of dehiscence, and learn appropriate intervention strategies.

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