Umbilical Cord Clamps - Pack of 6

Umbilical Cord Clamps - Pack of 6

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The Simulaids Umbilical Cord Clamps are medical training accessories designed to simulate the clamping and cutting of the umbilical cord during neonatal simulation training. These cord clamps provide a realistic representation of the tools used in clinical settings, allowing healthcare professionals and trainees to practice essential procedures in a safe and controlled environment.

Key features of the Simulaids Umbilical Cord Clamps typically include:

  1. Realistic Appearance: The cord clamps closely resemble the appearance of actual umbilical cord clamps used in clinical practice, including their size, shape, and color. This realistic design enhances the fidelity of neonatal simulation training.

  2. Durable Construction: The cord clamps are constructed from durable materials capable of withstanding repeated use without significant wear or damage. This ensures longevity and reliability in training simulations, allowing for cost-effective training over time.

  3. Pack of 6: The cord clamps are typically available in a pack of six units, providing an ample supply for training sessions involving multiple scenarios or participants. Having multiple cord clamps allows for uninterrupted training and facilitates efficient practice of neonatal cord clamping procedures.

  4. Disposable Design: The cord clamps are often designed for single-use or limited reuse, simulating the disposable nature of medical supplies used in clinical settings. This feature promotes hygiene and reduces the risk of cross-contamination during training.

  5. Ease of Use: The cord clamps are easy to use and manipulate, providing convenience for educators and trainees during simulation training sessions. They allow trainees to practice proper cord clamping techniques with realism and precision.

  6. Compatibility with Training Simulators: The cord clamps are compatible with a wide range of neonatal simulators commonly used in medical education and training programs. They can be seamlessly integrated into neonatal manikins or training models to facilitate realistic simulation scenarios.

  7. Educational Value: The Simulaids Umbilical Cord Clamps enhance the educational value of neonatal simulation training by providing a hands-on opportunity for trainees to practice essential procedures related to umbilical cord management. They promote proficiency, competence, and confidence in neonatal care skills among healthcare professionals.

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