MediTac Paramedic Utility Bandage Shears 7.25"

MediTac Paramedic Utility Bandage Shears 7.25"

Sale price$5.95
MediTacSKU: 101800

Color: Red


PARAMEDIC UTILITY - Blunt-tip 7" shears for cutting gauze, tape, clothing, bandages, and other materials.

STAINLESS STEEL - Made of a durable stainless steel that's perfect under a wide variety of harsh conditions.

GREAT FOR EMS PROFESSIONALS - Suitable for use by emergency room personnel, paramedics, nurses, and others.

BENT DESIGN - Bent handle for cutting on surfaces.

SEVEN FUN COLORS - Available in a wide assortment of colors.

Size 7.25"
Item Length 7.50"
Item Width 3.50"
Item Height 0.25"

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