Ever Ready First Aid Latex Free CPR Training Practice Manikin Face Shields - 50 Pack

Ever Ready First Aid Latex Free CPR Training Practice Manikin Face Shields - 50 Pack

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  • A MUST FOR CPR & AED TRAINING - When training a large group of people on a manikin, repeated sterilization can be a costly and time consuming endeavor. Training face shields allow you to quickly and easily allow multiple users to practice on a manikin without having to sterilize a manikin or face mask. Each box contains fifty latex free face shields.
  • EASY TO USE - The training face shields are easily dispensed from their box. Simply unfold the face shield and apply it over the manakin. Swap it out after use with a fresh face shield for the next user.
  • AFFORDABLE SOLUTION TO TRAINING - Buying additional face masks, sanitizing methods, or manikins can be an expensive prospect. Training face shields provide an inexpensive solution for trainers looking to instruct larger groups.
  • FULLY FEATURED FACE SHIELD - Each training face shield features a protective barrier that prevents the user from contaminating the manikin with their saliva and germs. The shields feature an instructional guide to help the user with proper application and use.
  • WORKS ON ALL MANIKINS - Regardless of the size or model of the manikin you use, these training face shields will be compatible with them for instructional purposes.

Details: Maximize your CPR and AED training efficiency while minimizing your supply costs! Ever Ready's FAce Shields provide safe, effective and affordable barrier protection for multiple students sharing one training manikin. The training barriers eliminate the need for time-consuming, manual cleaning between uses. Each convenient dispenser box contains 50 single-use Training Shields and are latex-free!

Package Dimensions: 6.0 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches

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