Dynarex Disposable Underpads

Dynarex Disposable Underpads

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Size: 23” x 36” (Pack of 50)


Highly Absorbent Protection

Adult incontinence is always uncomfortable; not only for the patients but for everyone involved. To help reduce the inconvenience it brings, you can use these highly absorbent underpads.

Our underpads have a highly absorbent soft fill that’s comfortable to sit or lie down on. They’re also tightly sealed on all sides to prevent any leaks. You can count on these pads to quickly absorb urine and other bodily fluids, effectively minimizing any messes that need to be cleaned up.

Wide, Thick Coverage

We offer underpads that are measured at 17x24”, 23x24”, 23x36”. Make sure to choose the size that perfectly suits your needs. This may depend on the patient’s body type or the size of the furniture you wish to cover.

The bigger the size, the thicker the fill. The 17x24” option has a 2-ply tissue fill, while the rest have a fluff fill. Whichever you choose, you’re bound to get premium-quality, medical-grade material.

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