Bolin Chest Seal Dressing, 6''

Bolin Chest Seal Dressing, 6''

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BolinSKU: HANBCS1063



  • H&H has made several important improvements to the overall design of this product in response to customer feedback. The improvements you will see include:
  • Enlarging the pull tab for easier removal of the chest seal from the backer and easier use and application.
  • Adding a dry edge around the exterior of the seal to reduce incidences of adhesive sticking to packaging or user’s gloves.Upgrading the hydro-gel for increased adhesion.
  • Repositioning of the three one-way valves into a straight line to make folding the product into kits and packs easier.
  • Adhering the one-way valves to the valve cover and adding a foam stabilizer to lock the valves in place and reduce the risk of air getting past the valves and into the chest.

Model Number: 6510015490939

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