An Israeli bandage is used for the treatment of major traumatic bleeding by applying pressure to the wound.  They come vacuum sealed and are a sterile, single use bandage.  Their all-in-one design eliminates the need for 4x4 dressings, gauze and sticks for tightening the bandage on the wound.

The unique features of the Israeli bandage include:

  • Sterile non-adhering dressing allows removal without reopening wound.

  • Pressure applicator (a pressure bar) to help stop the bleeding.

  • Closure bar to secure the bandage after it’s wrapped and to apply additional pressure.

How to apply.

image 1

Unfold the bandage while avoiding touching the pad.  Place pad over wound in a way that the pressure applicator is offset to the side of the wound.

image 2

Wrap one revolution around injury and slip the elastic bandage through the slot in the banana-shaped plastic pressure bar, and pull it tight forcing the pressure bar to lie flat on the pad and begin wrapping in the opposite direction, tightening as you go.

image 3

When bandaging a limb, start wrapping from the side farther from the body and move towards the side that’s closer to the body.  Continue to wrap the rest of the elastic bandage tightly around the patient and over the pressure bar making sure to cover the entire absorption pad so that no dirt or debris can slip in.

Once the absorption pad is completely covered, twist the elastic wrap so that it forms a cord instead of a sheet.

Finish wrapping the last several rounds on the side closer to the body.

image 4

Stick the closure bar under one of the cords with the hooks facing down.

image 5


While the Israeli Bandage is very effective at stopping/minimizing traumatic wound bleeding, a hemostatic clotting sponge in conjunction with the Israeli bandage is a great lifesaving combination.

Product shown in the images is the MediTac Emergency High Strength Pressure Bandage

As in all medical emergencies, you should contact 911 or the appropriate responder as soon as possible.