XSTAT 12 Hemostat Dispenser

XSTAT 12 Hemostat Dispenser

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Panakeia LLCSKU: PAN30311


XSTAT-12® is a unique hemorrhage control device designed to quickly stop severe bleeding in junctional and extremity wounds of the arms or legs where a tourniquet and other methods are not successful. XSTAT-12® has a narrow, syringe-like applicator that can easily reach the source of bleeding. 

Fast Facts:

  • Rapidly expanding minisponges stop bleeding using internal pressure
  • Fast-acting wound packing in seconds vs. traditional methods
  • CoTCCC recommended for compressible (external) hemorrhage not amenable to limb tourniquet use or as an adjunct to tourniquet removal, (Best for deep, narrow-tract junctional and extremity wounds)

When injected into the wound, the minisponges expand up to 10x their original size to instantly pack the wound, simplifying the treatment of severe bleeding. XSTAT-12® is currently fielded by the US Military. Each XSTAT-12® applicator is vacuum sealed, sterile and comes in single or three packs.

Model Number 3011

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