Simulaids 3 yr. Old Timmy CPR Manikin with Carry Bag

Simulaids 3 yr. Old Timmy CPR Manikin with Carry Bag

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Simulaids original CPR Pediatric manikins are air-filled, but can be filled with water to simulate the weight and “feel” of real children. Our manikins feature realistic chest rise, lifelike ribcage with sternum, xiphoid process, suprasternal notch, and painted nipples for accurate CPR hand placement. Adequate ventilations cause a realistic chest rise. The flow-through design of these manikins allows cleaning and sanitizing without disassembly. Provided with soft carry bag, clothing, and 12 disposable lungs. This is the basic model.

Included Items

  • 12 disposable lungs
  • Clothing
  • Soft carry bag

Model Number: 1700

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