Celox Z-Fold RAPID Hemostatic Gauze, 3" x 5'

Celox Z-Fold RAPID Hemostatic Gauze, 3" x 5'

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Celox Blood Clot RAPID Gauze 3" x 5' Z-folded chitosan laminated hemostatic agent with Chito-R to stop severe arterial and venous bleeding injuries.


  • Stops severe arterial bleeding with only one minute of compression applied
  • Independent in vivo testing showed 100% success in achieving hemostasis & reduced blood loss compared to other treatments
  • Compact Z-folded format making it easy to use & carry
  • Tested in a model of casualty evacuation, achieving 100% successful transport without re-bleeding
  • Coated gauze allows for controlled placement at the source of bleeding
  • Proven to control arterial bleeding within minutes
  • Works in hypothermic conditions
  • FDA cleared to work on anticoagulated blood
  • Generates no heat No chemical exothermic reaction (heat) therefore no burning
  • Sterile, waterproof packaging
  • Easy to irrigate from wound
  • Tears or cuts easily
  • Applied using basic first aid skills

Model Number: 6510-01-623-9903

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